Carrani Tours: Award-Winning Italian Travel Since 1925

Amedeo during the 60's. Tour starting in minibus

In 1925, the visionary Mr. Benedetto De Angelis founded Carrani Tours with a brilliant idea: to offer structured, guided visits of Rome. This marked the beginning of a prestigious legacy, as Carrani Tours obtained the license number 2 from local authorities as an authorized Travel and Tourism agency and license number 1 as a bus operator for touring purposes.

Over the years, Carrani Tours has crafted a comprehensive network of tours and visits across Italy's major destinations such as Tivoli, Capri, Pompeii, Sorrento, Florence, Assisi, and Venice, solidifying its position as a leader within the Italian tourism industry.

In 2014, a significant milestone was achieved when Carrani Tours became the official licensee for the Gray Line brand in Rome, further expanding its reach and services. This collaboration not only enhanced Carrani's offerings but also reaffirmed its commitment to quality and excellence in the tourism sector.

The excellence of Carrani Tours has been consistently recognized by travelers and industry professionals alike. For six consecutive years, Carrani Tours – Gray Line I Love Rome has been awarded the Travelers’ Choice Award by TripAdvisor, a testament to the high standards and satisfaction that Carrani consistently delivers. Further acclaim was bestowed upon Carrani Tours when it was named Italy's Leading Destination Management Company in 2021 by the World Travel Awards.

Today, still owned by the founding family and employing 110 staff members, Carrani Tours is renowned worldwide as a reliable and professional company in the receptive tourism business. The legacy of Mr. Benedetto De Angelis lives on, as Carrani continues to innovate and provide travelers with exceptional experiences in the beautiful backdrop of Italy.