Since 2011, we are one of the only three Official Partners of the Vatican Museums in the world. This is the reason why your customers will enjoy the inestimable Sistine Chapel and the other Vatican galleries in the most pleasant and comfortable way.


  1. Your customers will always really skip the long lines at the entrance, as Vatican Official Partners have their reserved entry. So, even if the Vatican represents the fifth most visited Museum in the world (The Art Newspaper, 2017), with more of fifty galleries inside, our tourists can always deeply enjoy their time and their visit.  
  1. With us, your travelers will enter first in the Museums, to admire their most loved and crowded areas like the Sistine Chapel in a quieter and more intimate atmosphere. Actually, our first entry is thirty minutes before the other tour groups and one hour and a half before the general public.
  1. We can guide your customers in parts of the Vatican usually closed to the general public. For example, we have included the panoramic staircase Scala del Bramante in our Exclusive Tour of the Vatican and its Garden, without any additional charge.
  1. If your travelers are looking for more private and special visits of the Vatican, we suggest our Friday Night Guided Tours. These small-group solutions let our guests live a suggestive evening in the Museums, including the Sistine Chapel and the exclusive option of a dinner inside the Vatican.  

To learn more about what we do for supporting Vatican initiatives and their priceless cultural heritage, instead, read about the new eco-friendly LED lighting in the super suggestive Raphael Rooms.  

La Scuola di Atene. D.R.

We always skip the line through our own entrance

The Bramante stairs...