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Carnival Streamers

Today, Italian Carnival last week officially starts. If you have read our post about Venice Carnival, you already know that the City on Water has begun its costume parades and festivals last weekend. But in Rome, the days of the most lively celebrations are between the so-called Giovedì and Martedì Grasso. That is, Fat Thursday and Tuesday.

Why is Carnival Fat?

Because it’s the traditional period before Lent and its religious penitence. So, in the centuries-long Christian tradition, it usually collects all the last occasions to have generous meals and great parties after Christmastime and before the following spring. That’s why we have filled this to-do list of Roman Carnival events with dinners and parties with a theme.

Let’s go!

Thursday 8

Today, you can choose among:

  • the Brazilian Party of Madeiterraneo, with standing dinner, cocktails and DJset, on the panoramic terrace of the new Rinascente
  • 13 artisanal beers gratis, with a tasty Pizza, Bruschetta or burger dinner of 10€ at Manforte
  • a typical dinner with Paccheri Mancini prepared with Carbonara at the restaurant Va.Do, in the hipster area of Pigneto
  • and the week-long special meals prepared by Ketumbar. For dessert, don’t miss delicious Frappe and Castagnole!


Carnival Party Madeiterraneo

Photo credits: Madeiterraneo via

Friday 9

It’s time for music:

  • what about the Jungle Boogie event, organized by the restaurant Pantaleo – Food & Wine? Close to the super suggestive squares of Piazza Navona and Campo dei Fiori, you’ll enjoy some select Funk and Soul music
  • we suggest also Opificio Carnival Party, with music and cocktails, in Northern Rome area…
  • or the Woodoo Karnaval at the Sanctuary Eco Retreat and the Voodo Bar, in the breathtaking Colosseum district

Saturday 10

In the heart of Rome’s weekend:

  • enjoy some Latin American music, the DJset Vinylove by Marco Moreggia and a touring theatrical company for the Saturday evening of Les Marionettes Bio Art
  • why don’t try the Costume Pope Carnival at Saulo? Happy hour, masks, music and secret night…
  • remind also that Il Nido – Gusto e Miscele has organized a magic show and promos if you go there wearing a mask, inspired by the Addams

Sunday 11

If you are looking for something perfect for children, don’t forget that

  • La Città dell’Altra Economia hosts a day-long event based on music, street art and markets, tasty food and much more
  • a costume party dedicated to cartoons’ Superheroes and Princesses takes place in the historical venue of the Stadio di Domiziano
  • in the Bioparco of Villa Borghese, children could also enjoy shows, face painting and costumes all inspired by the animals of the park

Tuesday 13

To properly celebrate the end of Carnival, you could…

  • try to get a free dinner for 4 people at Manforte. Go wearing a decorated mask: the best costume will win 😉
  • choose the Galloway Circus with your family or with your friends: masks, music and tasty food
  • or, finally, decide to enjoy some free typical Carnival desserts at Necci: Frappe and Castagnole in the fashionable Pigneto area 😛


Typical Carnival Frappe


Photo credits: Madeiterraneo via