Paolo Delfini at the Quality Skål Awards 2019

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Paolo Delfini - SKAL
Paolo Delfini receives the award

Yesterday, Carrani Tours CEO and owner Paolo Delfini, has been awarded at the Quality Skål Awards 2019 for the Tour Operator category.

Carrani Tours’ President was awarded the prize for his talent in innovating. As stated by Skål International, he has shown “outstanding entrepreneurial skills in aggregating expertises and resources, exploring new channels, methodologies and market segments and, above all, he has been able and willing to link with the territory, for a more sustainable travel industry.”

The award is reserved for personalities, executives, professionals, and entrepreneurs working in the touristic field and standing out for their social and technological innovative market strategies.

This important recognition arrived whilst Carrani Tours is in Istanbul, sponsoring the latest edition of MarketHub Europe that this year focuses on modernization and on keeping up the pace with today’s travel industry.

Congratulations, Mr. President!