In the mood for something sweet? Let’s talk about Tiramisu!

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Tiramisù ingredients

Back in the ancient times, Italian Nonnas used to prepare a delicious rich breakfast, made with freshly laid eggs, some sugar, some coffee or milk for children or some Marsala or Anisette for the grown-ups. This luscious cream is the origin of Mascarpone Cheese we use for our beloved Tiramisu!

Even though the origins of this dessert are not clear, this is a must in every family Sunday lunch or whenever we need a sweet treat, either in Northern or Southern Italy. We don’t know who invented it, but we can show you how to prepare the best Tiramisu: make it yourself and let us know!

How to make Tiramisu?

Get 300 grams Savoiardi (Lady Fingers), 4 super fresh and fridge-cold eggs, 500 grams fridge-cold Mascarpone Cheese, 100 grams sugar, 1 bowl coffee (best from the Moka) sweetened to taste, dark cocoa powder to dust the top layer.






  • separate the yolks and keep the whites in a separate bowl. Make sure there is no trace of yolk in the whites… or they will now get stiff;
  • beat the yolks with half the sugar until the mix becomes clear and frothy;
  • keep on mixing and add spoonfuls of cold Mascarpone until you don’t get a rich firm cream;
  • wash the mixer properly (important!) and begin to whip the egg whites, adding the remaining sugar a bit at a time;
  • once they are stiff, you can start to add the whites to the yolk and Mascarpone, incorporating with a scooping and folding motion;
  • when the cream is ready, lay a generous spoonful on the bottom of a casserole and spread it well;
  • quickly dip each Lady Finger in the Espresso, sweetened to taste, working one at a time, and line the bottom of the casserole. Finish the first layer and cover with more Mascarpone Cream;
  • spread the cream to have a well-leveled surface and keep on adding Lady Fingers with coffee, then add another layer of Mascarpone Cream;
  • on top dust with some dark chocolate;

finally, keep it in the fridge for at least a couple of hours. You have to be patient and then… enjoy it!


Photo credits: Giallo Zafferano


Some curiosities about Tiramisu

The origins of Tiramisu are uncertain and, as we said, there is a debate among Tuscany, Piedmont and Veneto. To make sure you have the chance to let try all the possible versions, we invite you to check out our Minitours Dante and Casanova or our Mosaics Marco Polo, ColombinaandSplendido in our Catalogues!

Photo credits: Giallo Zafferano