Christmas Taste – Have you ever tried a piece of Torrone?

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Typical Italian Torrone

What’s Christmas Torrone?

In December, Christmas food becomes a delicious must in Italy. In particular, sweets and cakes represent also some perfect gifts and Christmas ideas for you and your beloved ones 😉

For example, have you ever tasted a piece of Torrone? This traditional nougat is probably of ancient Arab origin. It’s mainly made of toasted almonds or nuts, honey, egg white and sugar and this is the reason for its name, derived from the Latin word for “to toast”. So, if you have a sweet tooth for dried fruit, you can’t miss it!

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Where could you find it?

Luckily, you can find this crumbly nougat throughout Italy, both in candy shops and in open-air Christmas markets. If you are in Rome, we recommend a suggestive stroll through the characteristic streets and squares of the historical center, especially in the lovely Piazza Navona. Roman street vendors and stands will let you find any kind of Torrone you desire – flavored or traditional, crunchy or chewy… and also roasted chestnuts, toys and souvenirs.

Piazza Navona -Rome - Carrani Tours

Rome – Piazza Navona

In case you are traveling through Italy, instead, why don’t you visit Cremona or Benevento? Cremona is located in the North, not far from Milan, while Benevento is in the South, at about 60 km from Naples. They both represent the two most renowned Italian cities for artisanal Torrone. Think that Cremona pastry chefs prepared together a tower-like nougat back in 1441, in a sweet celebration of the aristocratic wedding of Francesco Sforza and Bianca Maria Visconti!

Cremona, by maristeneva0 via Pixabay

Cremona, by maristeneva0 via Pixabay

How could you choose a good artisanal Torrone?

Just a final tip, to easily recognize Torrone high-quality. Before purchase, have a look at the ingredient list: dried fruit and honey have always to come first, as almonds and nuts must represent more than 50 % by weight. Remind that when you or your customers are in an Italian candy shop… and now, choose the best way to come here in our Catalogues!

Torrone, by Hans via Pixabay

Torrone, by Hans via Pixabay

See you next week, to learn something about the most appreciated Italian Christmas cakes: Pandoro and Panettone. Keep following!

Photo credits: maristenevao, Hans via Pixabay.