A new light on the Vatican Museums: Raphael Rooms

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Raffaello Athens School

The project of giving a new light on the Vatican Museums is still continuing.

After the Sistine Chapel by Michelangelo and the external Colonnade by Bernini, today the new course of Vatican lighting sponsored by Carrani Tours involves the worldwide famous Raphael Rooms’ frescoes. 2.400 LEDs have been placed in the heart of the fifth most visited Museum in the world (The Art Newspaper, 2017). They will guarantee both the best artistic and ecological view of the School of Athens and of the other masterpieces of Italian Renaissance. 

«When we became Vatican Museums’ Official Partner, in 2011, we immediately thought about all the chances to promote their priceless cultural heritage. It means also working also on technological progress» Chiara Gigliotti, Carrani Tours’ GM, says «So, we feel honored and pleased to have supported this brilliant project by the Osram Company and the University of Pannonia. It provides an eco-friendly lighting, totally respectful of painted surfaces and designed to the best aesthetic quality».

Actually, LEDs don’t heat and don’t irradiate frescoes. On the contrary, they use a technology based on corresponding colors, high geometric integration and micro-prismatic optics. So, they are able to enhance frescoes’ full-color spectrum in a very natural way. The new lighting shines at its best at the inauguration, with the presence of Chiara Gigliotti and Paolo Delfini, Carrani Tours’ President.