Amedeo during the 60's. Tour starting in minibus

Carrani Tours History

In 1925 following a brilliant idea of the founder Mr. Benedetto De Angelis. The idea was to provide a structured offering for guided visits of Rome.

Carrani Tours, in fact, obtained the license number 2 issued by local authorities as authorized Travel and Tourism agency and license number 1 as a bus operator for touring purposes.

Since then Carrani Tours has slowly built a network of tours and visits in major destinations such as Tivoli, Capri, Pompeii, Sorrento, Florence, Assisi, Venice becoming a leading company in Italy.

For our ninetieth anniversary, we published the book "1925 - 2015, 90 Years of Carrani Tours" were we described our history through our photographic archive. 

Today Carrani Tours is still owned by the founding family and employs 110 staff members.

Worldwide Carrani Tours is known to be a reliable and professional company in the tourism receptive business.