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Incredible view of a Marina in Italy

Welcome in Premium Traveller

  • Is your customer looking for a tailor-made experience?
  • Has your customer asked you for something different?
  • What your customer really wants is to be pampered and professionally advisedby the experts in the field?
Irene and Federica, our Premium Traveller Team

Irene and Federica, our Premium Traveller Team

Let us introduce Irene and Federica, our Premium Traveller Team:

“Our goal is exactly to meet all the different needs of the travellers who desire to discover Italy in complete freedom, but helped by a multilingual team really able to design their own trip. Contact us at”

Irene and Federica will be glad to assist you.

Another Tip

If you are looking for highly customized solutions for groups and not for individual travellers, instead, contact our Groups Department. Giusi, Daniza, Lanfranca and Matteo will help you with both leisure and incentive groups at