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Tuscany landscape

Are you looking for a tailor-made trip for your customers, but they are a whole group and not few people? At Carrani‘s Groups Department, Giusi Giovannetti, Daniza Memmo, Lanfranca Coccia and Matteo Di Donato work exactly for designing special Italian experiences for both leisure and incentive groups.

What can we offer to your groups of customers?

We plan complete on-demand itineraries, including transport, hotel stays, museum tickets, guided tours and a wide range of activities – from cooking lessons to hot-air balloon rides, passing through themed events and wine tastings. We are also expert in religious tourism and we can reserve Masses if a priest is present. Of course, we operate in all the different regions of Italy, with a special eye on the local identity of each of them!

Contact Giusi, Daniza, Lanfranca and Matteo at groups@carrani.com. They’ll be glad to work with you.

Daniza, Lanfranca, Matteo and Giusi - Carrani Tours Group department

Daniza, Lanfranca, Matteo and Giusi

Another tip

Are you looking for a tailor-made experience for FITs? In this case, our Premium Traveller team is perfect for you and your individual travelers. Contact Irene Barbati and Federica Fidaleo at quo@carrani.com!