The Emotions of Travel: story of our 2021 TTG in Rimini

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We are back from Rimini, full of energy. The 58th edition of TTG has just ended, and we were once again protagonists of the Italian tourism scene. Despite the international ongoing-pandemic, the atmosphere among the pavilions was positively reassuring. There were smiles under the masks and fists instead of handshakes, but still you could feel the great desire to look ahead to the future, aware that the business, the real one, is far from a major rebound we are all working forward to.

During our 3-day participation in the most important tourism trade show in Rimini, our stand was the point of reference for old and new clients for scheduled appointments and on-site meetings. Taking part in TTG, is such an extraordinary opportunity to listen to clients, present a global offer and interact with suppliers and specialists on the territory.

Zena and Letizia attending TTG in Rimini

We return from TTG deeply satisfied, but most of all aware that the hard work of the past 18 months has left a mark, as it is also witnessed by the international award we were just granted last week. Carrani Tours (  has never stopped! 

We continued to work even during the pandemic. Our professionalism and commitment to employees and customers have been giving us energy and enthusiasm to keep looking further, with an eye to product innovation. Our confidence and openness towards all the market innovations helped us work on even more authentic experiences.

Our key was understanding the evolution curve of the travelers’ needs, to be able to translate them into products that could ultimately highlight the endless marvels this country has to offer. Predicting the market trends is key to renewing the competitive potential of our tourism product, especially in a period of continuous and profound mutation. During the Covid-19 pandemic, the emotional aspect of travel has become essential, as the traveler’s interest is now directed towards a slow travel concept, to enjoy any trip in peace and tranquillity, at one’s own pace!

The journey hence becomes a unique chance to experience special moments with our loved ones, to create memories to cherish over time, but also to fill up our bags with lots of culture, relaxation and fun. So this is how we chose to rethink our whole experiences portfolio.

Lecce - Puglia

Imagine long days spent between museums and archaeological areas, between medieval alleys and shopping districts, traveling from one corner of the country to the other: the central accommodation option is the core of our packages, but our extensive expertise does not limit to the city. Our packages may also include the best open-air solutions, from campings in the superb Italian countryside to the super trendy glampings, where you could relax, enjoy a glass of wine, take a swim or soak in a Jacuzzi.

Slow vacationing is our motto, as we believe this is the best way possible to enjoy a life-changing trip in a country like Italy.

New alliances with experienced suppliers were strengthened during 2021 TTG, which will support us in making our customers’ dreams come true. Our Premium Travellers department has immeasurable experience and skills to satisfy the requests of the most demanding customers. 

Carrani Tours’ legendary national hotel offer will be enriched with the most exclusive villas from 2022! We will soon launch the new catalogue which will be available to download and view on our website

Among the news that concern our Carrani Tours Groups Department, we are proud to introduce the shining Wedding in Italy section. Our trained and expert staff cannot wait to get started, to finally realize the perfect Italian wedding, something absolutely unrepeatable!

In addition to the wide range of activities, tours, excursions and packages that cover the entire territory in our catalogues, TTG Rimini was the ideal occasion to promote our new Italian Renaissance circuit for small groups.

Here the customer is the one to actually choose how to travel: 

  • By high-speed train, always escorted by our tour leaders;
  • With a premium rental car, joining the other people just for the group activities included in the itinerary;
  • With a private transfer that also includes intermediate stops, to discover jewels such as Civita di Bagnoregio or Orvieto, or
  •  We decided to let them buy only the package that includes the hotel and activities, in order to meet the needs of even the most demanding independent traveller!

To conclude, we would like to thank all the Partners we met during this fantastic experience at the Rimini TTG. Thank you because you chose to stay at our side and because you make this job unique and beautiful!