The World’s most successful Tour Operators share their secrets with TripAdvisor

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Carrani Tours' secrets for TripAdvisor Experiences

In this case, sharing secrets is not a fault ?

On the contrary, we were incredibly pleased and proud when TripAdvisor asked us about our secrets for a good job with our travelers, mentioning us among its first four Top Tour Operators in Europe in 2018.

But the point is, we are sure our values are not a secret for you and for all our partners. Every day, we work with our clients and providers for taking care of our guests, for monitoring closely the whole logistical side of our tours and activities, and for granting the best value-for-money experiences to our travelers. So, as usual, we’d like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your trust.


Guide with a group in the third Ring of the Colosseum


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Please, click here to read the whole amazing article by TripAdvisor. Below, you can find our interview:

Since 1925, Carrani Tours has offered a variety of tours and experiences to independent travelers and groups throughout Italy with an emphasis on culture, history, food and wine, shopping, and other special interests.

Living up to its tagline, I Love Rome!, Carrani is one of only three tour operators with an exclusive partnership with the Vatican Museums to provide early admission, skip-the-line privileges and access to areas normally restricted to the public.

After almost a century in business, the company says its most important lessons are also the most basic: “Take care of your guests, be sure to control the logistical side of your tours, and give the best value-for-money experience,” says Sales Manager Zena Batocchi.


View of the Colosseum