We must have met before… We are Carrani Sales Team

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If you have participated in International Trade Exhibitions, Workshops or Roadshows, you must have met our Sales Team!

Carrani Sales Team

Zena Batocchi, Costanza Galli, Eleonora Solfanelli and Claudia Tafuri are certainly the right people to deal with:

  • to ask for all information you need about our catalogs, products, terms & conditions;
  • for beginning and developing a fruitful partnership with Carrani;
  • to train your team on our wide portfolio of tours and itineraries and on how to get the most from our B2B;
  • for optimizing the distribution of our products on your B2B or B2C channels also through API/XML integrations.

While Zena, Eleonora and Claudia are based in our headquarters in Rome, Costanza is based in Buenos Aires. In particular, she takes care of Latin America.


Carrani Sales Team


Contact them at sales@carrani.com. Moreover, you could arrange a meeting at the next travel events we’ll attend: BIT (Milan, February 11-13), ITB (Berlin, March 7-11), ATM (Dubai, April 22-25). All our Sales Operators will be glad to present you our best solutions for your Travelers.

Other tips

If you live and work in Brasil, contact directly Maria Camilla Alcorta. She is our Sales Expert in São Paulosales.brasil@carrani.com or +55 11 99663-2884.

After working with Zena, Costanza, Eleonora and Claudia, instead, your next step could be to deepen the most specific points of our services. These are our dedicated Departments: