Eat near me: 10 ideas for authentic local Italian food

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Tasting a spritz in Venice

When you arrive in iconic cities like Rome, Florence or Venice, beloved by travelers from the four corners of the earth, you probably suppose to find also a tasty, typical, well-known Italian menu made of pasta and pizza. Well, the bad news is that, simply, an Italian menu doesn’t exist. The very good news is that there are a lot of Italian regional menus, instead ?


Eat near me :)


A journey through Italy means a journey through many delicious flavors. The so-called Bel Paese is a mix of different local habits, stories, landscapes. From the high mountains of Alps and Apennines to the almost 5.000 miles of Mediterranean beaches, from little country towns and hills to lively but historical cities, you could taste both predictable and unexpected food and try a large variety of seasonal fresh ingredients, as well as of lifestyles.

So, eat near me and eat like a (real) local sound like excellent ways for you and your travelers to try something new, authentic and not standardized like tourist traps. Let’s see just a few suggestions from Northern to Southern Italy… See and taste, of course!

Milan – Risotto alla Milanese

This rice dish is spiced with aromatic yellow saffron. Try it also with Ossibuchi, the traditional cross-cut veal shanks, and remember that a Risotto is perfect to get a lot of new energy after visiting Milan with us ? Check out our Milan catalogue!


Risotto alla Milanese

Credits: Giorgio Minguzzi, via Flickr

Genoa – Pesto alla Genovese

Fresh basil is not enough to prepare this green sauce for pasta. You must mash your herbs, olive oil, cheese, pine nuts and garlic with a touch of salt, a marble mortar and a wooden pestle.

If you are thinking about Genoa, we suggest you also look at our Regional Tours of Liguria and Cinque Terre.




Bologna – Lasagna alla Bolognese

Meat, tomatoes and local Parmigiano Reggiano cheese are just some of the delicious ingredients you could find among Lasagna‘s pasta layers. Ask our Premium Traveller team to organize a tasty food tour in Bologna, tailor-made for your customers!


Just a taste of Lasagna

Credits: ashyda, via Pixabay

Venice – Spritz

Ok, we are a little cheating. Spritz is a cocktail. But it’s perfect for aperitifs before restaurants, to whet your appetite, and has been invented in Veneto from local Prosecco sparkling white wine.

By the way, you could suggest our Venetian Aperitif Experience to your travelers ?


Tasting a spritz in Venice


Florence – Gelato

We know ice-cream has a very long history, but it was the Florentine chef Bernardo Buontalenti who first prepared these lovely frozen desserts for the French court of Catherine de Medici… Another good reason to enjoy some fresh Gelato after walking through the center of Florence with us ?


Fruit gelato

Rome – Pasta alla Carbonara

Its warm taste of eggs, typical Guanciale and Pecorino cheese is absolutely world-famous. According to the legend, it was prepared for the first time by a Roman cook in 1944, during World War, for some American soldiers.

Have you ever considered our Food Experiences and Cooking Lessons in the Eternal City?


In love with Carbonara pasta

Credits: Luca Nebuloni, via Flickr

Naples – Pizza

It needs no introduction. Last year, the art of Neapolitan Pizzaiuoli has even become a UNESCO jewel ? … but did you know that now pizza is also part of our Pompeii Excursion from Rome menu?


Making an Italian pizza


Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast – Limoncello

This yellow liqueur takes its bright color from the zest of Mediterranean lemons. It’s perfect to end your lunch or dinner, as in Italy we usually get a digestif after our meal.

To let your travelers live the wonders of the Amalfi Coast, instead, select their favorite among our Sorrento Activities!




Puglia – Orecchiette Pasta

They look like little ears, but tastes like heaven. Try them with turnip greens, and ask our Groups Department for an amazing summer experience in Puglia region!


Orecchiette pasta is served!

Credits: Daniela Ritrovato, via Flickr

Sicily – Arancini

Much more than fried rice balls – you could try them filled with hot traditional cheese or meat, but also in creative recipes with eggplants, butter, pistachio nuts…

Arancini always represent a perfect example of local tasty street food, that your customers could enjoy during any moment of their Fantasia Siciliana spare time!


Choose your Arancini!

Credits: currystrumpet, via Flickr


Buon appetito ?


Photo credits: Giorgio Minguzzi, Luca Nebuloni, Daniela Ritrovato, currystrumpet, via Flickr; ashyda, via Pixabay.