Snow in Rome

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Snowman in front of the Colosseum

Sometimes, snow happens

Snow in Rome is very rare… but sometimes it happens, and the Eternal City looks immediately like in fairy tale. It was six years that Rome didn’t wake up under a heavy snowfall and a white, silent blanket of snow. These days, instead, a cold low-pressure area involves all Italy and today, February 26, the freezing Burian wind is running over the capital.

Because of this weather alert, parks and schools are closed. But our suggestion is not to miss the incredible views of Colosseum, of St. Peter’s Cathedral and of all the characteristic squares of the city center completely whiten and shining at the sun. Enjoy a cup of coffee or a hot chocolate and play snowballs. Everything will get back soon to our normal Mediterranean climate 😉

Video credits: Oliver Astrologo, via Youtube

But, if you are not in Rome today, this is what we see this morning, after our alarm’s clock

Mr. Snow and the Colosseum

Colosseum in the Snow

We are at work

Vatican in the snow


Video credits: Oliver Astrologo, via Youtube