Carrani Tours flies to ITB Berlin

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Meet us at ITB Berlin: hall 9, Gray Line stand 305

Next March 7-8, we’ll launch our high-season proposals at ITB Gray Line stand 305

BIT travel exhibit in Milan has just ended, but we are already thinking about our next international appointment. It will be ITB in Berlin, between March 7 and 8. Hosted at Gray Line stand 305, hall 9, we are going to introduce our new high-season activities. From our Semi-Private Tour of Vatican Museums to our Fantasia in Italy and Spain, our goal is to exceed the great results of 2017.

«High quality is always the key», as the GM Chiara Gigliotti explains. «So, we have been working on many fronts. Our two new teams of Premium Traveller and Groups Department design tailor-made experiences for FITs and groups. But, at the same time, we keep enhancing our core products and itineraries. Guided tours and organized trips must never be standardized. They should be always the perfect gift for our travelers. We want to guarantee the best time management and selected experiences, from food activities to sightseeing».


Guided Tour in the Vatican Museums


Some of our new tours and activities

Our proposals are tastes of masterpieces from unusual or exclusive points of view. As one of the only three Official Partners of the Vatican Museums in the world, we are to launch our Semi-Private Guided Tours of the Vatican. They will gather no more than eleven people, to realize high-customized experiences also for non-individual travelers. Our visits to Colosseum, instead, could include restricted areas like the Underground Floor or the panoramic Belvedere. In Milan, Da Vinci’s Last Supper represents one of our top destinations. Our Fantasia Mediterranean Dream will guide guests from Italy to Spain. Finally, experiences like our Ciclo Wine Tour in Tuscany or tasty Naples Street Food will explore traditional Italian cuisine, with a particular focus on local identity.


Sunset in Lucca