Back to the Future: Carrani Tours’ experience at TTG 2021

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Any Travel professional acknowledges the importance of interpersonal relations as fundamental to business success. Ultimately, Tourism stands for the union of cultures, amusement, sharing.

We had been waiting for so long to reunite with all of our partners and colleagues, finally in person, that this was a pure 3D delight! The ongoing worldwide health emergency still requires us to pay attention and to maintain a distance. And yet the idea of getting back to hugging was so tempting!

Carrani Tours finally came back to the Rimini event with their stand this year, in the post-Covid outbreak era and witnessed how capital this was to the whole market and the customers, partners and suppliers. Carrani Tours has been a solid reference point for operators all over the globe since 1925, when our founder, a brilliant young man by the name of Benedetto De Angelis, realised the need to give an organised structure to the tours for travellers who, at the time, were a real élite. This is why we have been claiming, with much pride, to be the pioneers of organised tourism in Rome. Carrani Tours’ family is now represented by their third generation through the President, Architect Paolo Delfini.

Despite being forced to deal with the unprecedented situation we all had to face during the past months, he has never stopped looking to the future and has kept supporting his team’s hard work! For us, this is a daily mission and even during the long months of uncertainty and fear, we have always stayed in touch with each other, training and supporting our partners overseas, while continuing to look for new partnerships with selected partners in Italy, to offer our clients the perfect travel solution for this new reality.

The TTG in Rimini was then the perfect occasion to get back to seeing each other without any filters or screens.

Our 2022/23 experiences and activities schedule was presented to our partners, with a special focus on the new tours we will keep operating as the Gray Line I Love Rome international brand, which just led us to the prestigious TripAdvisor’s Travellers Choice Award. The Carrani Tours brand, historically dedicated to the B2B Tour Operator world, has been introducing the 2022-23 calendar of guaranteed departures for the best-selling Fantasia itineraries. Fantasia by Carrani Tours represent our most recognized products; the solution to those travellers who wish to travel around Italy escorted by the best tour escorts on the market, to enjoy exclusive itineraries that are specially designed by professionals in love with our beautiful country, to let everyone else do the same with the famous cities of art – Rome, Venice or Florence, as well as off-the-beaten-path areas, such as the Apulia, the Sicilian island or the Northern Lakes. Fantasia by Carrani Tours is the real deal for all the operators that look for a safe and reliable solution to offer their customers!

Lockdown for Carrani meant brainstorming about the travel requirements of the future.

The Italian Renaissance travel package was born to offer new top-quality itineraries to small groups wanting to travel around Rome, Florence and Venice enjoying a spiced up program enriched with private tours, food and wine tasting experiences, but also 4*Superior and luxury 5* hotels accommodations, thanks to excellent partnerships with deluxe hotel chains like Starhotels or Sina Hotels. There are four options available on sale, designed to let the customer choose their preferred way of travelling: by high-speed train and a tour leader staying with them throughout the whole journey; riding a premium-quality rental car and an itinerary designed to let the customer join the other participants during the group activities only; with a private chauffeur and car that also include extra stops to discover hidden treasures like Civita di Bagnoregio or Orvieto; or just providing the hotels and activity package, thus letting the customer decide how to travel on their own. Carrani Tours’ portfolio is also enriched by a wide selection of Minitours and an important collection of accommodation options, which are directly contracted by our Hotel Manager with an eye to market trends and the new and challenging health and safety standards.

The Social Channels finally conquered the place they deserve and now promote most of our international activities!

Both our market souls – Carrani Tours and Gray Line I Love Rome – are represented on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Linkedin, but we also reach out to all our partners and readers through our brand-new blog dedicated to Italians: In Viaggio a Roma.

Follow us on all our adventures: as well as virtually taking you all over Italy daily, we will have lots of fun together!

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