Will Travel be back in 2022?

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These past few weeks have brought back the shadow of another winter under travel restrictions and everywhere we turn, bewilderment, skepticism and the shift from a New Normal to a Never Normal seem to be the prevalent feelings.

What should we expect from 2022?

The answer is far from being simple or ready-made: the world keeps changing and international health and safety standards must be consistent in keeping us all safe no matter what.
Even more so if we are planning to go abroad, to finally celebrate summer 2022 with family and friends, or for business reasons. 

Safety comes first. This needs to be clear now more than ever.
But then what could you do if you keep dreaming about getting back on a plane? What if your favourite colour has now become “Capri blue”, or Terra di Siena? 

View from the Gardens of Augustus (originally Krupp Gardens) on Capri island coast, Tyrrhenian sea and Faraglioni Rocks, oceanic rock formation. Capri island, Italy. Sunny day.

Calm down. Inhale and exhale, because this is just another case of severe Italian nostalgia!
All normal here, no need to be afraid. Luckily for you, there seems to be one official remedy: Revenge Travel.

Let’s find out what is Revenge Travel and what we could do to get the best out of it.


During the recent WTM in London, the U.K. released some very interesting data about outbound tourism towards Italy. The United Kingdom ranked first among the main source markets for Italy, with an expense that exceeds 3.8 billion euros and is registering a steady increase even during the low season. Latium (Rome’s region) is the first region they choose, followed by Lombardy (Milan) and Campania (Naples), which together make up for more than 45% of total expenses. But what kind of travel truly inspires these travelers? The answer is comforting: Culture preserves the highest step of the podium, but maritime cities and active tourism are rapidly conquering more and more travelers looking forward to spending their summer surrounded by beauty, good food and wine, fashion and culture, as only this country is capable of. What we are witnessing is the rise of the Revenge Travel, a motivation that is stronger than ever and that allowed Italy to become the second most-researched destination in Europe and the third around the globe.


Have you heard of the case of the Senior executives of Amadeus, the European global travel tech technology company, that reported an increase in interest towards the Jamaican destination and the U.K., after the recent release of the latest James Bond movie, No Time to Die?
Well, Italy too seems to be a much-desired destination and aided by its historical but rising role in the international movie system, many corners of our beautiful country have been, currently are or will be projected in theatres and advertising. The first will be the first modern-era representation of the Italian beloved comic character, Diabolik, which will be released in mid-December and was filmed between Courmayeur, Bologna, Milan, Trieste and Ravenna. Or the long waited House of Gucci, shot between the mountains of the Valle d’Aosta region, the luxurious shopping district of Milan and the Jewish Ghetto in Rome. Not to mention the spectacular scenes of Rome that were shot for the 2020 Mission Impossible, or the post-production filming of Netflix’s newest Heist movie, Red Notice, between Castel Sant’Angelo in Rome and the splendid region of Sardinia. 

Our whole range of products reflects a spasmodic passion for all the cities and locations listed above and it does not end there. We are committed to showing you any part of Italy you may still don’t know, no matter if it is one of the famous cities of art or the smallest village enshrined up in the mountains: our itineraries were designed and are sold by people that never cease to appreciate how wonderful and unique this country is and our biggest dream is making you step into all this magic, feeling special, feeling free, feeling at home.

Are you suddenly feeling inspired to be back in Italy, but you would like to find the perfect and trusted Travel Expert to follow you each step of the way?

Contact us. We will make sure your next trip will make your travel dreams blush!

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