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Italians are dead serious about their food, especially as it often represents our identity, history, and culture better than any words could do. 

Street Food was born more than 10 thousand years ago: the Romans actually inherited the “thermopolia” (literally, “a place where hot is sold”) from the Greeks who, in turn, learned techniques and recipes from the Egyptians.

Street Food has then survived centuries of history thanks to a very special bond with the masses, and today it can show off some cutting-edge, sensorial experiences and luxury venues that keep claiming foodie victims every year.

“Traveling is food for the soul”, they say, but what about actual food, especially if you’re thinking about a trip to Italy?

Would you ever decide to base your itinerary on the most perfect and mystical street food experiences we could get you?

We have selected 7 locations that made us wish we could fly or teleport… Will you be able to resist?

Mystic Burger
Como | Lombardy

© Mystic Burger

A new chapter for the most loved fast food in the world. These guys decided not to surrender to the globalization of franchising to protect their territory and enhance their quality products. The strong, independent identity of the Brianza will leave you speechless and ready to embark on a cruise tour of the lake, perhaps.

Via Armando Diaz, 78 – Como 

Mandarin Bar
Milan | Lombardy

© Mandarin Oriental

The hotel’s beating heart, to use the exact words they chose to describe themselves. The Mandarin Bar & Bistrot offers delicious and traditional dishes surrounded by the best contemporary music and the most incredible cocktails. Try out their Risotto alla Milanese or their famous sandwiches and feel like a 1950’s Diva in the heart of the Italian’s Fashion Capital.

Via Andegari, 9 – Milan 

Trattoria da Me
Bologna | Emilia-Romagna

© Trattoria da Me

A thorough and constant premium ingredients research, a long tradition, and wonderful revisitation of traditional dishes: their pasta is divine, especially their tortellini in brodo or tagliatelle al ragù, which are among the best in the city.
Think about sharing a cotoletta alla Bolognese, while you order an excellent rice cake as dessert. Combine your choices with local wine labels or craft beers and breathe in the Bolognese atmosphere.

Via San Felice, 50a -Bologna 

All’Antico Vinaio
Florence | Tuscany

© All’Antico Vinaio

This was the Street Food place that received the highest number of reviews in the world, in 2014! Crazy, right? Originally a rosticceria (a place that sells roasted chickens), you will need lots of patience if you choose them because there will be queues – but hey – it’s worth it!
You will be free to choose among infinite variations of stuffings of this typical Florence flatbread, called Schiacciata, and continue your stroll around the city centre accompanied by your massive and low-priced new friend.

Via dei Neri, 76 R – Florence 

Pipero Roma
Rome | Latium

©  Pipero Roma

The chef, Ciro Scamardella, serves modern dishes with a focus on the seasons, in this Michelin-starred restaurant. The combination of his talent, attention to detail, and a cohesive team result in a tailored service that focuses fully on guests while creating beautifully presented cuisine which is full of flavour. The dining room has been recently refurbished and now all the tables reveal a core which is made from a single block of ebony wood.

Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 250 – Rome 

Crazy Pizza Rome
Rome | Latium

© Crazy Pizza Rome

From the business mind of Flavio Briatore and his Billionaire Group, the Crazy Pizza franchising has finally landed in Rome, joining the ones in Milan and Porto Cervo (Sardinia) and other 4 restaurants abroad.
Set in the magnificent frame of La Dolce Vita, along the elegant and sophisticated Via Veneto, their branded red will make you crazy with hunger and their pizza will make you cry with satisfaction.
Don’t know about you, but we would be tempted by the Tartufo (truffle)… WOW, right? See their menu here

Via Vittorio Veneto, 167 – Rome 

Polignano a Mare | Apulia

© Pescaria

Street Food in Apulia is a religion and Pescaria revolutionized the concept of sandwiches, stuffing their own tartarughe (similar to cobs) with the most sophisticated receipts.
The concept was born in 2015 in this very magical place that clings to the sea and is famous for its poem verses scattered everywhere, other than being the birthplace of the singer Domenico Modugno (check out our Italian Soundtrack Spotify playlist and travel around Italy with the best music!).
We have personally tried out most of their menu but could not praise enough their PRAWN TARTARE (100g prawn tartare, stracciatella cheese with passion fruit, spinach salad with oil and lemon, apple and onion ceviche, pistachio grains and Polignano carrot chips). Divine.

Piazza Aldo Moro, 6/8 – Polignano a Mare 


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