Bologna Tours and Activities - Ls 2023-24

Explore Bologna and Beyond with Carrani Tours

Discover the charm of Bologna with Carrani Tours, where history and gastronomy come alive. Our walking tours guide you through Bologna's historic streets, revealing the city's rich cultural tapestry. For those eager to explore further, join our excursions to the scenic Food Valley, Maranello, and Modena, traveling comfortably in shared buses.

Authentic Experiences with Local Experts

Immerse yourself in authentic experiences with our professional local guides who bring Bologna's heritage and cuisine to life. Visit must-see museums and cultural sites, each narrating a unique story of this enchanting region.

Unforgettable Journeys Await

With Carrani Tours, every journey is a blend of cultural discovery and culinary delight. Book your Bologna adventure today and step into a world of historical wonder and culinary excellence!

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